Weekly Goal Update

Every week, around 7 a.m. local time on Friday mornings, you'll receive an email reminder to update your goals. We ask every employee two questions about each goal: How likely are you to achieve this goal and How do you feel about the quality of work done so far?

If you have goals aligned with yours, be sure to give those employees time to enter their goal updates first, so that your own updates are well informed. When you log in to Khorus, you'll see a Reminder on your home page for each goal that you need to update. We'll start there. (Farther down, we'll show you two other places you can choose to update your goals).


Let the updates of the goals aligned with yours inform your own prediction and insight for your goal update.

Let Quality complement your Likelihood—don't always just choose the same Quality as Likelihood. In the example above, you marked a Yellow Quality and added a comment to say you're predicting that you're likely to achieve the goal, but you expected more of the number to come from growth among existing customers than you're now predicting will come.

Likelihood is strictly focused on the future: Will you achieve the goal? Quality is strictly focused on the qualitative insight you have, that goes beyond whether or not you'll achieve the goal. Yes, we'll achieve the goal, but... No, we won't achieve the goal, but... Yes, we'll achieve the goal, and... and one last one, but hopefully not, No, we won't achieve the goal, and...


Another view from which you can update your goals is the goals page, naturally.

Predictions Matrix

Lastly, you might want to update your goals while in your team meeting—many of our CEOs run their meetings this way.

Picking up from the previous screen, click on the Predictions Matrix button.

This is the Predictions Matrix. You can enter your own goal updates from here. There are many other clickable things here. See the related article at the end of this one for more.Click on the square and diamond icons, to the left of your goal title, near the top-left of the page, to enter your goal update from here. 

See the Related Articles section below for more on how to use the Predictions Matrix, one of the places we expect you'll spend a lot of your time in Khorus to run team meetings and identify challenges employees are having.