Review Direct Report Goals for Approval

When your direct reports submit their goal to you for approval, you have two options for actions to take on that goal: Approve and Request Changes. One way to see what goals need your approval is to use Reminders on your home page. Let's try it that way.

You can take a look at your employee's goal and if it looks right, go ahead and approve it, and your employee will get a notification. Now, your employee can begin entering weekly updates on the goal. But let's see what it looks like if you want to request changes.

What am I looking for? Be sure that the Title, Description, Measurement, and parent goal are all good. In this example, Miguel forgot to align his goal—notice the throughout comment provided in the example to guide Miguel on what to do next. This comment is visible to only you, your direct report, and Goal Admins in your organization. The goal is now back in Draft and your employee received a notification that you requested changes. 

Where does my employee see this comment? Can I go find it, too? Really good questions. Let's take a look.

Your employee will see this page exactly as you do.

Once they re-submit for your approval with the changes you asked for, you'll get a notification and a Reminder on your home page to review for approval again.