Add Employees

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Note: In general, we recommend that each manager be responsible for inviting their own employees.

To add your employees, click on Organization in the main nav menu.

Find Add Employee near the top-right of the page.

Fill in the employee's details.

As CEO or Org Admin, you can employees at any level of the organization. You can also invite Observers (see the end of the article).

As a manager you can add employees to report to a manager within your own organization. 

Now do a page refresh to reload the org chart to show the employee you just added.

Quick and easy.

Adding Observers: As a CEO or Org Admin, to invite an Observer, follow the normal add-employee steps, but don't select a manager for the person you're adding nor check the "This is a manager" checkbox. Once you've added your Observer, go to their user profile and in the Details section, click the menu button (3-dot icon), then "Edit profile", and change the role to "Observer". Only CEOs and Org Admins can see when an Observer is part of your organization.

Re-sending Invitations

The invitation link sent in the email is valid for two weeks. If the invitation expires, or you realize you entered a typo in the email address, you can re-send it. Start by going back to the employee's user profile.