The Goal-Creation Process


Goal setting happens every quarter in Khorus, so try to follow the same rhythm each quarter to make it a smooth flow.

Try setting a target of two levels of employees having their goals approved each week, starting one week before the new quarter starts. For example, (calendar year) Q1 2020 would look like this:

  • The CEO (level 1) & executive team (level 2) have their goals published and approved the week ending December 27.
  • Then, levels 3 & 4 have their goals approved by January 3.
  • 4 & 5 have goals approved by Jan. 10. 

Aim to have everyone's goals in by a couple weeks into the new quarter. For larger organizations, you might try to get company-level goals published two weeks before the new quarter starts.

Whatever timeline works for you, try to stick to that same one each quarter.

Approve your employees goals quickly.

As a manager (or CEO), be quick to review your direct reports' goals once they've submitted them for approval. You might want to coach some of your employees on some goals, requesting changes to them—so keep the flow of information going; don't let the flow get hung up on you.