Change Someone's User Role or Permissions

User Roles

From time to time, you might need to change someone's user role; perhaps an individual contributor has now become a manager of a team, and you need to update that in Khorus. Managers can edit the user role of any employee in their organization (not just their direct reports). The CEO and Org Admins can edit the user role of employee in the whole organization.

Head over to the person's user profile.

You can use the org chart to browse and find that employee or use the search tab. We'll use search here.

Do you need to change an existing user's role to Observer? Contact our support team—use the Contact Us button at the bottom-right of the page and let us know.


CEOs can grant anyone in the organization any of the four admin permissions. Admins of any kind can make anyone else in the organization the same type of admin. Just navigate to that person's user profile and click Grant {Goal, Org, HR, or Goal Manager} Admin.

On anyone's profile, you'll see the admin types that you have permission to grant other users. Just click one, then you'll see the button change to Revoke {admin type}. That's how you'll know it took effect. You'll also see the user role and admin permission this person has next to "Roles:", just underneath time zone.You can revoke those permission just as easy by clicking what's now the Revoke {admin type} button.