1:1 Meetings

1:1 meetings are a great tool for understanding what's going on with each of your employees, addressing any roadblocks they're facing, and delivering timely feedback and coaching.

Here are a few quick guidelines for holding effective 1:1 meetings.

Choose a cadence

Choose to hold 1:1s with each employee either weekly or biweekly. In picking a cadence, consider the size of your team, your level of daily interaction with employees, and your schedule.

Stay consistent

Set a consistent time for each employee's 1:1 meetings, and cancel and reschedule them sparingly. One pushed meeting can throw the whole cadence off, and regularly canceling them signals to the employee that these meetings don't really matter.

Take notes!

Use 1:1 Notes in Khorus to record key takeaways from 1:1s. (Remember: Only you can see what you write here.) Well-taken notes establish continuity through 1:1s and show the employee you’re paying attention.

What should you do in the actual 1:1? Here's our suggested agenda. The whole meeting should usually take between 30 and 45 minutes.

1:1 Agenda

  1. Review updates in Khorus from the previous period. How are the employee's goals going? What help might they need?
  2. Ask the employee if there's anything they'd like to discuss.
  3. Give feedback: What is the employee doing well? Where could they improve? Corrective feedback usually isn't fun to give, but most employees want it.
  4. Ask a few well-chosen questions to gauge how things are going in the employees world. Our full1:1 meetings guide has over sixty questions to choose from.
  5. Record any new action items. Make sure to follow up on them next week.