View Employee Performance: Ratings

There's a tool called the Talent Dashboard. It follows the pattern of what is sometimes referred to as a nine box. Here, you can view the ratings for all employees in your organization.

Managers can view the Talent Dashboard for their own organization, and HR Admins can view the Talent Dashboard of any manager in the company, including the CEO, which includes every employee's rating in the company. Individual Contributors do not see Talent Dashboards.

To view your Talent Dashboard, click the Talent Dashboard tab on your user profile.

You can filter the current view of your Talent Dashboard by: Status (unstarted, started, completed); Employees (everyone in your organization) or Direct Reports; and the appraisal period (the quarter).

Much like the Performance Dashboard, you can click on the circles in the Talent Dashboard to view just the employees with that particular Performance and Potential rating. This will filter the employee list on the right, so you can focus on just those employees with the particular rating pair you selected. Then, you can click the rating in the list to view that employee's review and understand why they were given that rating.

You can view any manager's Talent Dashboard in your organization by the same steps you view your own: go to their user profile and click the Talent Dashboard tab. You can search them from the Organization page, or you can get to their Talent Dashboard from yours.