Complete an Appraisal

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On the first day of the new quarter, all managers can begin their employees' appraisals for the previous quarter. Appraisals are due 21 days into the new quarter.
Are you the CEO, KIO, or HR leader and want your organization's appraisals due sooner (or later)? Just shoot us a message, and we'll talk about your options with you. You can also allow managers to begin appraisals before the current quarter ends.

Begin My Employee's Appraisal

On day 1 of the new quarter, you'll see a new Reminder item on your home page.
Click your Go To Appraisals link to get started.
This is your Compliance page, showing you the status of all appraisals in your organization.

To learn more about that and how to use it, see the Related Articles below.

For now, let's continue on to creating your employee's appraisal. Your direct reports are broken up into two sections: Managers reporting to you (if you are a manager of managers) and individual contributors reporting to you. Find the employee you want to begin an appraisal for, then click Start Appraisal.

The first thing you see is the chance to refresh your memory on your employee's goals for the previous quarter. You can click each goal to re-read the specific results your employee achieved and the feedback you gave on each goal.

Now, start writing the appraisal with the Review section. This is where you'll recognize a job well done and coach where needed and share it with your employee.
Now you'll select a Performance rating. Your organization may have customized this to be something else.
Ratings are not shared with your employee. Only you and your management chain up to your CEO can see these ratings.
Then, choose a Potential rating. Your or ganization may have customized this to be something else.
Once you're done, click Save Appraisal. When you save an appraisal, it's saved as a draft and not yet shared with your employee. While it's in draft, your management chain (upward) is able to see the saved draft of the appraisal.

Share My Employee's Appraisal

When you are ready to share the appraisal with your employee, click the Share button for that appraisal on their user profile page.
When you share the appraisal, your employee receives a notification and gets a new Reminder item on their home page prompting them to read, comment on (optional), and acknowledge the appraisal by signing.
Between the time you share the appraisal and the time they sign it, you're able to make edits. From the appraisals tab on their user profile page, click the actions button on the line of the appraisal you want to edit, then choose Edit.