Searching for and Viewing Goals

Searching and Filtering

As you search and filter, the goal list on the left changes. When you first arrive at the Goals section, you will see one Quick Filter applied: “My Goals”. A list of your goals is below.

Quick Filters

Let’s now look at the other Quick Filters, designed to show you the goals you’re most likely to be interested in.

If you’re a manager, you will see filters for all your direct reports’ goals; you can also click filters to see which of your direct reports’ goals are trending down, are in trouble, or need review.

My Goals

These are all your goals of course. Missing a goal? Be sure Include private goals is checked.

My Manager & Peers

CEOs don't have this quick filter because they don't have a manager.

For everyone else, this filter includes you, your direct manager, and the rest of their direct reports.

Company Goals

What's the difference in My Goals and Company Goals if I'm CEO

If you have any goals that are private or that have a parent goal, those will be in your My Goals list. All public goals without a parent goal are Company Goals.

Search Bar

Just below the Quick Filters, you’ll see the search bar. You can search for goals based on three criteria: goal title, goal owner, and department.

Typing “revenue” in the search bar will return below all goals with that term in the title. If you’re looking for all goals owned by a certain user or all goals in a certain department, begin typing the user/department name and select it from the list of options that appear.

Tip: Run consecutive searches to refine your search results. For example, search for two employee names to see both of their goals in the list below. Or search for all goals with “revenue” in the title, then search for goals in the Sales department; you’ll see below all the Sales department’s goals with that term in the title. 

Quarter Selector

Beneath the search bar, notice the quarter selector, allowing you to specify a quarter or range of quarters. You can add a filter to narrow down goals to this quarter, the last quarter, or next quarter. Or you can specify a range: Maybe you would, for example, like to see all goals titled “Revenue Growth” from Q1 to Q4 of last year.

Advanced Filters

Also beneath the search bar, you’ll see an option to expand the Advanced Filters. Use these filters to create a fully customized goal list. Filter by goal state, aligned vs. not aligned, how the goal’s updates are trending, and more. The possibilities are endless for isolating exactly the goals you want to see.


Tip:You can manually remove active filters as to adjust the goal list. When all filters are removed, you’ll see all goals in the organization, alphabetized by user.

Customized Reports and URLs

Once you have searched and/or filtered to find a list of goals, you can create a custom report of those goals. Click “Create Report,” then pick it up in the Reports section of Khorus.

You can also save the URL of any goal view for easy sharing or quick reference in the future. For example, you might create a bookmark for a view of all unaligned goals in your organization, then check this URL periodically to make sure that most goals contribute to team or company priorities. You could also copy the URL of any view in Khorus and email or Slack it to a colleague.

2. Goal List

Now let’s take a closer look at the goal list below the search and filter area on the left. As we’ve seen, this list changes based on the filters applied. Click on any goal in the list to see its details on the right.

Trend Bar

For each goal in the list, you’ll notice a colored bar on its left side. The color of this bar reflects the most recent Likelihood update, allowing you to quickly focus on the goals that need attention.

Goal Badges

In the goal list, a blue badge will be present for goals that need your attention. For example, you might see a blue “Needs Status Update” badge on one of your own goals. A colorless badge indicates information you might want to know. For example, it might show that one of your employees hasn’t updated the goal yet, or it might show that the goal is trending down.

Goal Detail

When you pick a goal from the list, its details appear on the right side. This detail allows you to gain knowledge and take any action that might be needed.

Tip:As you navigate the Goal Hierarchy view, you can click “View Goal Details” at the top of the view to see details on that goal. Likewise, clicking on any avatar in the goal hierarchy view will take you to that person’s profile in Khorus. In all cases, you can hit the Back button to return to where you were.

Taking Action

Click the star to follow the goal, or use the three-dot menu next to it to see more actions to take: update, finalize, edit, shelve, delete, or copy the goal, or create a new goal that contributes to it.