Organization Changes: What to Do When Someone Leaves

When an employee leaves your organization, there's there are a handful of things you might want to do. You can do these in any order you'd like.

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Take the right action on the employee's goals.

If that employee has any active goals, reassign them or shelve them. Either the employee's direct manager or a Goal Admin can shelve or reassign an employee's goal; Org Admins can reassign goals.

Reassign the goal if someone else should take over ownership, continue entering weekly updates on the goal, and ultimately be responsible for achieving the goal.

If you decide to shelve an employee's goal, any employee who owns a child goal of that goal will receive a notification that you shelved their parent goal. Those employees aren't forced to take action on those goals, but consider having a conversation with that employee about what to do with their goal which now is an unaligned goal: should they shelve their goal too, or should it just be realigned to a new parent goal? Remember that until a new parent goal is set, that now-unaligned goal will no longer show up in the Performance Dashboard.

If the goal will no longer be worked on by anyone, shelve the goal. Don't delete the goal.

Reassign a Goal

Shelve a Goal

Make relevant reporting structure changes.

Change an Employee's Manager

Does the employee manage employees? If so, you'll need to change each of those employee's manager to the appropriate, new manager.

Deactivate the employee, or reactivate them.

Find "Deactivate" in the menu in the Details section of the user profile.

If the employee is only going out on leave, it's recommended that you follow the same steps. When the employee returns, you'll see "Reactivate" as a menu option on their user profile.