Advanced Configurations

This guide is for CEOs and Khorus Implementation Owners.

If you're not the CEO or Khorus Implementation Owner, reach out to yours about any questions you have about these settings. They can contact us to apply any settings you see here.

Your URL 

Set where you log into Khorus, as in

You  can change your URL, if you insist; however, we discourage it. Changing your URL will break all bookmarks and links in previous emails for all your employees. If it's still important to you to change it, let us know, and we'll set a date, time, and communication plan for all your employees to ensure minimal impact on everyone's access to Khorus.

Your goal periods (Fiscal year)

Be sure Khorus is set so that your goal-setting periods follow your fiscal year. Or for our restaurant-industry friends, we can configure Khorus to follow your ever-changing business periods.

Hit the Contact Us button to tell us what your fiscal year is before you start creating your goals!

Custom theme

Replace the default colors and logos with your brand's.

Here's what we need to add your company's brand and feel to Khorus:

  • Hex values for your primary and secondary colors
  • 3 logos: 
    • Upper left in the main nav when expanded: roughly 240x60
    • Square Logo, upper left in the main nav when collapsed: 32x32 (consider using your favicon at double the size)
    • Stacked logo for the login page: roughly 280x150

Clifton StrengthsFinder by Gallup

What about CliftonStrengths Finder by Gallup? Ask us to turn on that feature for you. Learn more about CliftonStrengths here: