Compliance: See Who Needs to Do What

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Create, Updating, and Finalizing Goals

The quick glance to find out who needs help with these actions is on your home page. 

Scroll down to the bottom to find the Employee Compliance Data card. Notice the filter on the top-right of the Employee Compliance Data card.

You can also view the information in a CSV file. Head over to Reports.


As an Admin, you might want to help make sure all employees create goals each quarter, update their goals each week, and finalize the results of their goals from the previous each new quarter.

When you see there are employees who need to take action: create, update, or finalize goals, we recommend generating a report, grabbing each employee's manager's email address and emailing the manager rather than individual employees. It's good practice to encourage the manager to stay on top of their own teams.

CEOs and Managers

Focus on your direct reports first. Then, if you're a manager of managers, communicate with managers who have employees on one of these lists of employees who need to take action. You'll want to encourage managers to make this part of their weekly routine instead of you contacting each employee yourself.

Talent Appraisal Status

View the status of all appraisals within your organization by using your Compliance page when navigating to Talent or by navigating to Reports and exporting a CSV file to show the status of each employee's appraisal.

Click Talent in the main nav menu.

This is your hub for the status of all appraisals in your organization.

Only the CEO and HR Admins can view the CEO's compliance page. Each manager has their own compliance page and click the Compliance Page button beneath their direct reports' names (of those who are managers) to view theirs and can continue navigating down the organization to view all managers who ultimately report to them. Individual Contributors don't have a compliance page. 

You can export a list of employees and the status of their appraisal in Reports. 

Be sure to choose Appraisal Compliance (this gives you the status of all appraisals) and not Employee Appraisals (this gives you the content of the appraisals). Then you'll select the quarter you want the report for—a single quarter or all quarters.