User Profiles

Your Profile Details

One of the first things to do after you accept your invitation to Khorus is complete your user profile. Click your initials at the top-right of the page for a shortcut to your profile.

Here, edit your: name, profile picture, job title, email, email preferences, phone number, time zone, LinkedIn profile URL, and biography.

If you turn off email notifications, you won't be notified about goals and other items related to you, but you'll still receive account-access emails, such as password resets.

Need to update the name of the department you manage? Your manager can do that for you by going to your profile. Org Admins can also edit any manager's department name.

Org Admins can edit anyone's user profile in the whole company.


If you're a manager, to edit the name of the department you manage, ask your direct manager to update it for you. Org Admins can also edit department names for any manager in the company.

Department names must be unique. So, if someone else has already named "Sales" their department name, you can't use that same department name. If your department managed field is left blank, you'll inherit the name of your manager's department as your own. The same goes for if you're an individual contributor an not a manager.