Keep Track of Other Goals: Follow a Goal

Any goals that are directly aligned with your goals (your child goals) and any of your direct reports' goals—even if they're not aligned with yours—are already treated in a special way: you have quick filters and views to see these goals, and you'll get notifications and reminders related to these goals.

But you might find that you want to keep track of goals that don't belong to your direct reports or that are not aligned with your goals. For that, we have a feature that let's you "follow" a goal. When you follow a goal, we treat that goal with the same as goals related to yours, subscribing you to notifications on that goal and putting them in a special list for you to quickly and easily view. When you follow a goal, the employee does not know that you are following their goal. No one can see that you follow goals.

Go to any goal you want to follow, then click the star on the goal card. 

You can follow as many goals as you want. To unfollow a goal, just click the star again.