Get Notified about Khorus Activity


Notifications are a full activity stream—everything going on related to you. This will include when employees add comments on their goals or yours or goals you're following (see the Related Articles at the bottom of this article for more on following a goal).

When you reply to email notifications, your message is sent to Khorus Customer Support, not a person related to the notification you received.

You'll get notifications in Khorus instantly upon new activity related to you.

Email Notifications

Email notifications aren't sent instantly. To avoid overloading you with multiple emails, we batch up several notifications into one email over a period of time (anywhere from 45 minutes to 4 hours, depending on the number of notifications you're set to receive).


There are a few relationships that automatically subscribe you to notifications about a goal. Managers always receive notifications about their direct reports' goals activity: 

  • a goal is submitted for approval
  • the employee wants to make edits to the goal
  • a request to shelve the goal is submitted
  • a shelved goal is reactivated
  • a goal is reassigned
  • goal update is entered
  • the employee comments on the goal, or someone else adds a comment in the same the thread that the manager is already in on that goal
  • the employee finalizes the goal

All employees receive a notification when their manager's goal is approved. This is a notification intended to say, "Your boss's goal is now approved—are you ready to create a goal based on that goal yet?"

Sometimes goals are aligned with someone who is not the employee's direct manager—who we call the Parent Goal Owner (we know; that's pretty stodgy). The Parent Goal Owner receives all the same notifications as the manager does, as listed above, including the additional notification that the employee's manager approved a goal that is aligned with theirs. 

If a Goal Admin or Goal Manager creates a goal for another employee, that employee receives a notification for that, as well as that employee's manager (and parent goal owner, if a different person).

Anyone in the organization can also follow a goal. This subscribes you to notifications about that goal's activity (and puts it in a convenient list for you to quickly view).


Employees receive a notification when an appraisal is shared with them. Managers receive a notification once the employee signs the appraisal and one last notification for the employee once the manager completes the appraisal.

Action Items

There are (up to) three people associated with an Action Item: the person who created the Action Item (who can send an Action Item to someone on someone else's behalf), the assigned-to, and the person listed as the requester of the Action Item. 

If you send someone an Action Item and list someone else as the requested-by person, that person will receive a notification that you have done so. And of course, the person you assigned the Action Item to will receive a notification. Once the Action Item is marked complete, only the person listed as who requested the Action Item will be notified.


Reminders are only the actions you're expected to take, related to your goals and your direct reports' goals. You'll also get reminders for completing your employees appraisals.  Not using Talent in Khorus? To get the most out of the Talent Management features in Khorus, complete a whole quarter first, then contact Customer Success ( to learn more.

You can take action right from the Reminders section on your home page, or you can navigate to the respective section in Khorus to take the action.

If you prefer not receive email notifications, you can turn those off in your user profile, but we discourage it—how else will you know when your employees are requesting your action on their goals?