Tips on Getting the Most from Khorus

Managing People

See some of our tips on some of the responsibilities of managers and CEOs

5 articles

Goal Finalization

Get some tips on how to handle finalizing your goals with different outcomes.

1 article

Goal Setting

Get guidance on setting good goals, when to edit vs. shelve, and more

6 articles

The Manual

Company Settings

All your company-wide settings and configuration options

2 articles


Learn how to manage and interact with people

8 articles


The CEO's explanation of the business strategy

2 articles


Create and achieve your goals—and everything in between

9 articles


Complete your quarterly appraisals

3 articles

Notifications and Reminders

See how to keep up to date on activity in Khorus

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See all the ways you can create and export reports on goals and people

2 articles

Troubleshooting and Device Help

See what devices we support and how to fix common problems

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